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50% concentration of Fibroblast Conditioned Media

Product Name : QTCell Skin Renewal Booster hDF-CM

Ingredients : Human dermal fibroblast conditioned media (hDF-CM) 30%, Niacin amide, Adenosine

Classificaiton : Cosmetic with dual-functions of whitening & anti-wrinkle treatment

Effect : This product helps improvement of wrinkles and facial whitening

Place Used : Clinic use

How to Use : Gently apply proper amount of the product on face to be absorbed

Package Unit : 3.3ML x 10EA / SET

Storage Method : Store this product at room temperature by avoiding direct sunlight 

                               Children are not allowed to use this product

Target : Clinic use 

Packaging : QTCell skin booster 3.3ml *10ea / box 

Registration status : Europe, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia

* Products registerd after adjusting ingredients such as hDF-CM, labeling, and brand/product name in accordance with different standards.