A skin booster with a combination of highly functional complex ingredients such as Houttuynia cordata exosomes, PDRN extracted from salmon DNA, vitamin C, and glutathione.

The PLLA in PLLASOME implements a spheroidal type PLLA with a constant and uniform shape,
enhancing the structural shortcomings of the existing PLLA and ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the product. 


Item namePLLASOME exosome solution with PLLA
CompositionPolylactic acid, medicinal buckwheat extract, ethyl ascorbyl ether, glutathione, etc.
Shelf life2 years from date of manufacture
Storage methodsAvoid direct sunlight and store out of reach of children.
Quantity100mg(20mg PLLA)*10vial /box
How to useTake an appropriate amount of PLLASOME and gently spread it on the skin to be absorbed.

* This cosmetic product should be used for external applications only.

Patented storage platform Technology “INCUBE™”

It is a storage platform material that protects a large amount of active ingredients and can deliver them for a long time.

It protects the functional material from deformation during the period before administration by supporting the functional material within the InCube structure and induces the functional expression of the functional material after administration.