Welcome to CellarBeauti, your best partner of medical beauty business in South Korea.

CellarBeauti is a Beauty care company producing and distributing medical equipment as well as medical grade cosmetics. We are in Seoul, South Korea's capital, which is the beauty industrial center over the world.

Through many years of cooperation with domestic plastic surgery clinics and skin aesthetic centers' experts, we have built an infrastructure attracting customers in various fields.

In addition, we communicate customer needs through our consulting business and identify the needs of customers and markets, and reflect them in our products.

Based on these experiences, we have endeavored to provide the best service and products in medical and beauty field, We are now recognized for our expertise and excellence.

We are researching and developing various medical devices and pharmaceuticals level cosmetics in order to provide better services and products without hesitation, Affiliated businesses are also in progress.

We highly look forward to making a cooperative business with you.

Thank you very much.

CELLAbeauti Co., Ltd. has signed sales contracts with several overseas countries.

Products are exported to over 20 countries in Europe and Asia.